(Bryan Quang Le)
Style: Gamer
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Born: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Schedule: Daily
Started: October 24, 2012


Bryan Quang Le (born: November 19, 1996 [age 22]), is a YouTube star known as RiceGum…or just Rice to his real fam. The star has over 10.6 millions that have viewed his videos over 1.8 billion times. His content is vlogs, comedy, and diss tracks. His most popular diss track to date is called “It’s Every Night Sis.” With 140 million views, the song actually hit number 80 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The star started his channel playing video games such as Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 3.  While these caught him a swelling of viewers, what caused Rice to catch fire was his first consistent series, These Kids Must Be Stopped. He did these videos as a way to criticize music of people on the app Musical.ly. Hence the whole These Kids Must Be Stopped thing. As these videos caught the viral world by storm, RiceGum upped from Nevada where he was born and raised and re-rooted himself in LA. Rice Gum moved into the FaZe house.

With his diss tracks comes some controversy. Some shame the star for embarrassing a rape victim in one of his songs. They called him out for exposing the victim in order to get views on YouTube. RiceGum has been laying low since September 2018. He was burned from a W2S diss track. This caused him to go silent. It’s been noted that Rice hasn’t posted on Instagram since June with his last message ominously saying, “I’ll never take l’s even if I’m becoming irrelevant.” These words were followed by, “DID IT FEEL GOOD THOUGH.”