Lele Pons

(Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese)
Style: Vlogger
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Born: Los Angeles, California, United States
Schedule: Unscheduled
Started: October 24, 2015


Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese (Born: June 25, 1996 [22]) is a Venezuelan born internet sensation that moved to America to become a big-time YouTube star. Lele broke out in the viral world via the six-second app, Vine. During it’s short stint as the hottest social media tool, Lele became the most followed person on the platform. She also held the distinction of having the most all-time looped video watches before the app shut down in 2016.

What sparked Lele’s interest in entertainment was her awkward childhood. Lele had a hard time fitting in so she would do things like hurt herself to get a laugh out of her peers. This parlayed into her early career where she would perform quick bursts in Vine for a laugh. This got her to 1 billion loops and an invite to the White House to meet Michelle Obama.

Since Vine, Lele Pons has made a name for herself on YouTube and IG TV. Through her success, Lele tried her hand at writing a novel. The YouTube star co-authored a novel called Surviving High School. This was a novel was based on her own experiences through these formative years.

Following the novel, Pons moved onto other entertainment ventures. She’s appeared in the pilot of MTV’s Scream as the inaugural victim. The Venezuelan dancer also appeared in Camila Cabello’s music video for “Havana.” Riding the wave of musical success, Pons released her first dingle, a duet with Matt Hunter called “Dicen.” The video hit 10 million views in just four days on YouTube.

With her notoriety sky high, Pons became an ambassador for Cover Girl. She parlayed that opportunity with scoring a gig walking the runway for Dolce & Gabanna in Milan.