(Lannan Eacott)
Style: Gaming
Location: Coastal City, Australia
Born: Sydney, Australia
Schedule: Daily
Started: April 29, 2015


Lannan Eacott (born: December 14, 1994 [age 24]) is an Australian vlogger. His popular YouTube channel launched the celeb to superstardom under the pseudonym, LazarBeam (No relation to Jaryd Lazar aka Summit1G!).

LazarBeam Upbringing

He was born and raised in Central Coast, Australia. According to the gamer, this area was home to a lot of rats. This rural upbringing plagued the rising star with a fear of rodents that follows him to this very day.

Like many gamers destined for YouTube stardom, Lannan was not a fan of school. At 15, Eacott dropped out of high school.  Uncertain about the next chapter in his life, Eacott knew he needed to make money right away. As soon as the teen dropped out of high school, he started to take on work in the construction business.

On his downtime, LazarBeam started to hone his craft. He continued to live with his parents while he launched his YouTube channel on January 4, 2015.

LazarBeam on Reddit

LazarBeam started a groundswell for his YouTube channel in quite an organic way. The gamer took to Reddit forums. Here he won people over his witty memes. Most of the content he created and shared were surrounding Fortnite. 

As his Reddit reputation continued to rise, LazarBeam started to endear even more with his Fornite reaction videos and commentaries. With his growing credibility on among the harsh critics of Reddit, Lanna Eacott was able to parlay that following over to YouTube, where he could monetize his talents.

LazarBeam on YouTube

Like many American YouTubers, LazarBeam aligned himself with a group of Australian YouTubers. Together, this group formed a tandem known as Click.

Within the Click clique are fellow YouTube personalities:

  • Prestige Clips
  • Muselk

In addition, Click partnered with members of the Twitch community. This move furthered the influence of the group across streaming platforms. By integrating this strategy, Click also signed on with Australian Twitch personalities:

  • Bazza Gazza
  • Crayator
  • Loserfruit

While he may team up with Twitch personalities, LazarBeam is a bit intimidated by them. In fact, he is prone to running when he plays against them, screaming, “Streamer by the Way!”

Sticking with his YouTube brethren, LazarBeam gathered with fellow streamers for a 100K YouTuber Battle Royale Run. MrBeast hosted this event. LazarBeam teamed with Click partner, Muselk, and Lachlan to play on the Blue Team. Unfortunately for the trio, they were shot by the Light Blue Team, losing their chances of proclaiming victory.

LazarBeam YouTube Achievements 

By June 20, 2017, LazarBeam finally hit 1 million subscribers. Within one year, he doubled his numbers. Crazily enough, one month after, he doubled again! In fact, LazarBeam continues to see one million in growth every month since July 11, 2018. As of April 2019, Lazar has just surpassed 10 million viewers and counting.

In August 2018, LazarBeam achieved the coveted YouTube milestone of one billion views. In less than a year, the superstar topped himself with two billion.

LazarBeam Second YouTube Channel 

Seeing as his YouTube channel has seen such profitability, the next evolution in LazarBeam’s journey was to create a second page. His LazarLazar YouTube page is self-described as,

“Extra LazarBeam content thats too scuffed for my main channel.”

Unfortunately, this page isn’t seeing the love that his main page has enjoyed. In fact, this secondary page seems to have been opened before he started the main LazarBeam page in the first place. Therefore, since July 12, 2014, this supplemental page has only garnered 1 million viewers. That means the vlogger started this page as a test drive, found success with another one, and turned this into the bonus content page. Unfortunately, there are not many bonuses coming back to the star in return. However, this shouldn’t diminish his overall achievements.

LazarBeam and Future in YouTube

With the undeniable success of his YouTube page, Lannan was able to move out onto his own. The star decided to leave behind the scary rodents of Coastal City and embark on the bright lights of Sydney.

One notable companion along for the wave of success that LazarBeam has been enjoying is his trusty dog, Willeh. LazarBeam adopted Willeh back in November 2017.  Since then, his fur baby has made cameos in LazarBeam’s videos and has become a mainstay on his social media pages.

Also, Lannan’s family members are also enjoying success. His sister, Tannar, has her own YouTube page. While not as successful as her brother, she still has gaming content and posts various other lifestyle content.

Continuing to pay it forward with his family lineage, LazarBeam also features other members of his bloodlines in his video. His father has been known to show up a time or two and his nephew, Bodhi, is a favorite among diehard LazarBeam fans.