Grayson Dolan

(Grayson Dolan)
Style: Vlogger
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Born: Washington Township, New Jersey, United States
Schedule: Weekly
Started: October 22, 2014


Grayson Dolan (Born: December 16, 1999 [Age: 19]) is the identical twin brother of fellow internet sensation, Ethan Dolan. If you ask him, he’s hte older brother. After all, he came out 20 minutes before Ethan did. Whoever came out first, together they are known as popular YouTube stars, the Dolan Twins.

The Dolans grew to internet fame through the six-second social media platform, Vine.  Grayson first heard about Vine from his sister, Cameron. She had grown her followers to 100,000. After downloading the app back in May 25, 2013, the star grew over 3.5 million followers on the now-defunct service. He parlayed that success over to YouTube by joining forces with Ethan. Together, the twosome garnered over 6 million followers and counting.

As his popularity took off, Grayson earned a role on MTV’s TRL reboot alongside his brother in September 2017. Parlaying that success into the music industry, the twosome directed a music video for an alt-pop Australian group that go by the name Cub Sport.

Grayson decided to grow his inner circle. With his brother, they found the Sister Squad which also has Emma Chamberlain and James Charles. While Ethan is rumored to be dating Emma Chamberlain, Grayson is currently unattached to anyone. He did once date social media star Chole Alison. However, that relationship fizzled out.