Dolan Twins

(Ethan and Grayson Dolan)
Style: Vlogger
Location: Washington Township, New Jersey, United States
Born: Los Angeles, California, United States
Schedule: Weekly
Started: October 22, 2014


Ethan and Grayson Dolan (Born December 16, 1999 [Age: 19]), are the YouTube sensations known as The Dolan Twins. These two are identical twins. However, Grayson Dolan is 20 minutes older than Ethan Dolan. They’ve been setting the viral world on fire since May 2013. Their sister Caroline, discovered the app, Vine. For a brief moment in time, Vine was the hottest thing going in social media. So, Grayson jumped on the bandwagon and launched his own Vine. Not long, the future star hit 3.4 million subscribers.

Parlaying that success to greener pastures, Grayson and Ethan started their own YouTube page. The Dolan Twins post a lot of videos about life with a comedic twist. This has led them to over 6 million subscribers, a contract with AwesomenessTV, and a gig as correspondents for TRL.

The Dolan Twins’ YouTube page has earned the stars many accolades. This includes the 2016 Teen Choice Awards for both Choice YouTuber and Choice Web Star: Male. All of this success started to rub other internet stars wrong. In Jake Paul’s memoir, You Gotta Want It, he takes credit for the twins’s success. Paul claims they would have never become famous without him featuring the pair. While the duo remained adamant he didn’t give them a break, they both acknowledged that Jake and Logan Paul did “show them the ropes.”

Other controversies have followed the young stars. In 2017, fans pointed out racist comments used by other fans on official Dolan Twins posts. Many believe diehard Dolan Twins fans bully and harass people of color.