(Timothy John Betar)
Games: Counter-Strike, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Overwatch
Location: Liverpool, New York, United States
Born: Liverpool, New York, United States
Playing Since: January 23, 2013


Timothy John Betar (Born: April 8, 1990 Age: 28]) played video games his whole life. Through his passion, he jumped onboard the livestream wagon when it started picking up momentum a couple of years ago. When Tim started, he would stream upward of 40 hours of a week in hopes of building a following.

All of that hardwork paid off for Tim. Soon, he gathered a strong group of supporters. Affectionately enough, Tim calls these subscribers his #tatmanarmy. As he explains on his page, he hopes to “share laughs, scares, and awesome experiences with you here in the tatmanarmy and hope you enjoy what you see!”

Tim got engaged in 2015 and married in 2016. A devout Christian, many of his tattoos represent Tim’s faith. He is happy to be compared to Thor and relishes in the resemblance. While he does enjoy Fortnite, Overwatch is his most popular game and is the one that brought the star the most success.