(Josh Beaver)
Games: PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States
Born: North Carolina, United States
Playing Since: February 1, 2014


Josh Beaver (Born: August 16, 1992) is best known to the world as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. Making his name on YouTube under the moniker, Theoriginalweed, Josh Beaver has since transformed into the personality known as JoshOG.

JoshOG is one of the few specialists in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who has no affiliation to a team. He did however enter a gambling scandal with fellow streamers,┬áTrevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin and Tom ‘ProSyndicate‘ Cassell. This threesome started up a site called CS:GO Lotto.

The problem with CS:GO Lotto was that 13 year olds were able to gamble skins in the game. These skins were rare to the game. Therefore, they carried an actual value. While the site was ran on loopholes, it was eventually shut down.

Following the disgrace, Theoriginalweed rebranded as JoshOG and started taking the Fortnite world by storm. However, Josh has seemingly hit his peak. In the spring 2018, he took part in Friday Fortnite tournaments. However, Josh had a medicore finishing in each endeavor.