(Games Done Quick)
Games: Halo, Portal, God of War
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Born: Herndon, Virginia, United States
Playing Since: January 1, 2027


Games Done Quick (Started: January 1, 2010 [Age: 8]) is a company that oversees video game marathons. These are done by high-level players who specialize in speedrunning. The purpose of these marathons is to raise money for charity.

The way Games Done Quick organizes these festivities is by hosting two major events each year. They are Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) and Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ).

Originally, these speedrun marathons were first organized by the companies Speed Demos Archive and Speedruns Live. Events started in 2010. While they raised money for many charities, the main two that winnings are donated to are Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

As the popularity of these speedrun charities picked up, Games Done Quick, LLC took over the reigns of the operation in 2015. Since this merger, speedrun charities have exploded. So much so, that the events are now broadcast live on Twitch.
In order to get more donations from viewers, those watching the stream are offered a bunch of different incentives. For instance, those who donate have the opportunity to name characters in a run, can have runners take on even more difficult challenges in the game, or they can simply win a prize. Over the 19 marathons that’s happened since 2010, this speedrun charity initiative has raised over $14.5 million in charitable proceeds.