(Saqib Zahid)
Games: World of Warcraft, DayZ, PUBG
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Born: Massachusetts, United States
Playing Since: January 1, 2027


Saqib Zahid (Born October 10, 1990 [Age:27]), is popular streaming personality, LIRIK. With over 2 million followers on Twitch, Saqib is one of the select influencers to work with the company Discord.

LIRIK started his Twitch career back in 2011. His first game of choice was World of Warcraft. Upon the release of DayZ, LIRIK dropped World of Warcraft. Focused on DayZ, LIRIK decided to become a professional streamer in 2012. Quickly, his livestreams regularly started to reach anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 viewers per stream.

As popularity of PUBG grew, LIRIK decided to give the hot new game a shot. However, he was unimpressed. In 2017, the streamer infamously said that the game was both “stale” as well as “riddled with bugs.” Despite his complaints, the gamer was invited to take part in the PUBG Winter Charity Invitational. The grand prize of $200,000 was split between the top three teams to donate to their charity of choice. LIRIK’s team didn’t win.

Following a really successful 2017, earning $200,000 from subscribers alone, LIRIK announced he was taking a hiatus. In January 2018, LIRIK started his sabbatical from livestreaming. The gamer explained to his loyal followers that he was stressed and overall, felt “burnt out.” Needless to say, he was back one week later.