Games: League of Legends, Starcraft 2
Team/Clan: Team SoloMid
Location: Alberta, Canada
Born: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Playing Since: March 31, 2013


Gosu (Born: July 8, 1994 [Age: 24]) is known to the world to the world as Gosu and you will be hard-pressed to find his real name anywhere. In fact, this popular Canadian Twitch star is so off-the-grid, he doesn’t even have an Instagram. Nevertheless, this Montreal native has amassed millions of followers.

Since 2009, Gosu has played League of Legends under numerous names and account. You may have seen him playing on a livestream or on an old video under the following pseudonyms:

  • hi im gosu
  • G U CK F O S U
  • PleaseDontCampMe
  • 45620
  • NeverHonor4Head
  • urekaK
  • AD1234

While Gosu rose to prominence playing of League of Legends, he took a break to play Starcraft 2. During the Starcraft 2 days, his friends dubbed him Gosu. The name stuck and Gosu carried it with him when he returned to League of Legends in 2010. Upon returning to the League, Gosu earned a spot as a member of Team SoloMid.

Gosu currently resides in Alberta. While he plays video games to make a living, Gosu is attending college. His major is computer science. As workload become more intense, Gosu does plan to take a year off from streaming to concentrate on his studies.