(Brennon O’Neill)
Games: League of Legends, NBA 2K18, PUBG
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Born: Vancouver, Washington, United States
Playing Since: August 26, 2008


Brennon O’Neill (Born: April 23, 1991 [Age: 27]) is best known as the gamer, Goldglove. However, you can call him Goldy for short. Goldy created his first YouTube channel back on October 21, 2009. His first video was titled, “GoldGlove Set Up Video #1,” which he released back on March 15, 2010.

Since his initial channel, Goldy has exploded, creating three main channels. He has GoldGloveLetsPlays and GoldGloveTV2. His main channel, aptly titled GoldGloveTV, is up to 1.5 million subscribers, not far off the 1.3 million that follow the star on Twitch.

Initially from Vancouver, Brennon has a nomadic life so far. He eventually moved to Washington before residing in Portland, Oregon. Upon that move, Goldglove started dating a fellow Twitch star, FemSteph. Together, the two adopted a puppy back in 2016. The puppy’s name is Rhys.