Games: Street Fighter V, Counter-Strike, Outwatch
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Born: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Playing Since: May 24, 2016


While Eleaguetv is the official Twitch page, ELeague the organization is a cornerstone in the world of gaming. After Turner Broadcasting announced they were going to partner with WME/IMG talent agency to start a new eSports league, ELeague lunched on TBS in May 2016.

Eleaguetv first aired with the attention centering around Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The eSports league consisted of 24 teams with headquarters all over the world. Every year, these teams play two 10-week seasons. During the season, a new episode airs every Friday.

The broadcasts that air on TBS are simulcasted on both YouTube an Twitch. On these platforms, Eleaguetv also offer bonus content that doesn’t air on TBS. Matches for these broadcast take place at Turner Studios located in Atlanta, Georgia.

As the third league kicked off in 2018, ELeague dropped the number of teams in the tournament down to 16. They also started featuring Street Fighter on their platform. As they continue to grow, Eleaguetv continues to showcase other functions on the side such as Rocket League Cup and Overwatch.