Games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Team/Clan: Modern Times Group
Location: Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden
Born: Malung, Sweden
Playing Since: January 1, 2027


DreamHack is one of the oldest gaming conventions that is now a Twitch page. Initially, this group started back in 1994. A bunch of Malung, Sweden elementary school friends hung out in a basement.  They then moved the group to the school cafeteria and the group grew in numbers. So much so, they had to expand into regional parties. This culminated in the first ever DreamHack.

Three years later, the convention exploded. DreamHack took place at Arena Kupolen in Borlänge. This 1997 gathering became the largest LAN party in Sweden history. At the time, it was also third largest party in Scandinavia. Since 2001, DreamHack has been held at the Elmia Exhibition Centre in Jönköping. In 2007, the group received a diploma of honor from Jönköping for serving the local business and education communities.

By 2002, the DreamHack season has been divided into two:

  • DreamHack Summer – For Gaming
  • DreamHack Winter- For Demos

While the differences between the two events were stark, the lines have blurred with time.

In 2012, DreamHack partneredw ith both Major League Gaming and Electronic Sports League. They were doing this to help grow both the North American and Euoprean eSports scene. This led to the growth of a subdivision, DreamHack AB that is now hosting its third event in Stockholm.

In November 2015, 100 percent of DreamHack was bought by Modern Times Group for an estimated $244 million. Since then, DreamHack has continued to grow, spawning one of the most popular Twitch pages.