Games: Fortnite. PUBG
Team/Clan: Team SoloMid
Location: France
Born: Westland, Michigan, United States
Playing Since: January 13, 2013


Dakota (Born: on July 12, 1986 [Age: 32]) is streaming sensation Dakotaz. However, you may also know him as Dark, the professional Fortnite player. With a strong following behind him, Dakotaz livestreams everyday on both Twitch and YouTube. He has gained over 2 million subscribers on both platforms.

Dakotaz’s streaming career started the same month he opened his official YouTube channel back in January 2013. Initially, Dakotaz took to playing War-Z. With a little momentum growing underneath him, he moved over to Clearview PVP. These commentaries garnered the star over 30,0000 subscribers. Riding that wave of success, Dakotaz focused his attention onto Infestation.┬áConstantly seeking out the next big thing, Dakotaz tried his hand in both H1Z1 and The Forest.

Lastly, the internet sensation turned to PUBG. His PUBG gaming brought even more followers than his previous gaming attempts. This growth in popularity laid the foundation for what would become the huge boom inevitably caused by Fortnite. Just as Fortnite dropped, Dakotaz had amassed a respectable 92,000 subscribers. These numbers inflated immensely to the 2 million that he hosts today.

All of this success caught the eye of prominent Fortnite team, Team SoloMid. On January 11, 2018, both HighDistortion and Dakotaz joined the coveted ranks of this popular eSports team.