(Caesar Noriega)
Games: DayZ, H1Z1, Killer Instinct, Fortnite
Location: Sayreville, New Jersey, United States
Born: Parlin, New Jersey, United States
Playing Since: July 1, 2010


CDN started his streaming career back in 2010. He uploaded a few DayZ videos to get his YouTube page up and running. From there, he moved onto Killer Instinct and H1Z1. With H1Z1, Ceez hit his stride and became a professional gamer.
Still trying to find his way, CDN dedicated most of 2015 to H1Z1 before switching to Counter Strike Global Offensive in 2016 and back to H1Z1 for 2017. Once Fortnite came out, CDN followed his niche and hasn’t turned back. When he first started streaming the popular game, Ceez only had 20,000 subscribers, which has since blown up.
Ceez is a proud vegan and shares a lot of inspiration about the lifestyle in his videos.